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Additive Composite are using 3D-printing to enable new and innovative solutions for a variety of research and commercial applications. We create novel, special polymer composites for use with 3D-printing technology. The materials are well suited for demanding applications where properties such as neutron and x-ray shielding are needed.

Using these materials in additive manufacturing provides innovative solutions applicable in many areas. Initial applications include instruments in neutron research facilities, components in the nuclear power industry, as well as for medical x-ray shielding applications.

We provide expertise in the field of neutronics and polymer based radiation shielding, as well as the use of such materials in additive manufacturing. We design and manufacture materials as well as fabricated products according to your needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn how our additive manufacturing capabilities can be used for your applications.

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Articles and presentations

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Anders Olsson, Maja S. Hellsing, Adrian R. Rennie ‘New possibilities using additive manufacturing with materials that are difficult to process and with complex structures’ Physica Scripta 92, (2017), 053002.

Anders Olsson, Adrian R. Rennie ‘Boron carbide composite apertures for small-angle neutron scattering made by three-dimensional printing’ J. Appl. Cryst. 49, (2016), 696-699.

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